21 April 2014

Easter Monday Activities

I kept my makeup minimal and pulled the look together with a pink creamy tint lipstick by Innisfree - perfect for the spring weather. I look very pale in this photo D: it's because the lighting in the room was pretty bright and I forgot to change the setting on my camera.

Sporting ripped jeans once again; DIY'd by my boyfriend. Also threw on an oversized blazer on top of a simple black cami. I didn't bring much clothes home with me, so it's either a denim jacket or a blazer.

Just hunting for new tunes whilst eating 白兔糖 and sorting out photos to upload onto Instagram.
Make Up Academy [MUA] is a very cheap brand and you can find their products in Superdrug. I only own two of their nail polishes - shade 4 which is a pink coral colour and shade 17 which is clear. I had time to kill, so I rummaged through my nail drawer and found these two. I purchased them a few years ago and there was a point where I didn't stop wearing shade 17. I kid you not, these nail polishes are amazing! The brush is wide, which makes the application process extremely easy (well, for me anyway). Shade 4 is quite opaque and you can get away with just one coat of it. However, I applied two coats as it's what I usually do with all nail polishes. I believe the polishes are just £1 each and I am definitely going to try some of the other shades.
Here's a quick photo of my new shoes; just simple plain white leather converses. I already own a pair of white canvas ones, but I don't like how they aren't waterproof...so this pair is mainly for rainy days.

The rest of the day was spent shopping with my mum - to be honest, we weren't even in the shopping mood. We just wanted to get out of the house and have a catch up...so all we did was walk around aimlessly, occasionally pointing at random things we were interested in.

We ate at Giraffe for dinner and I picked that restaurant because I've never eaten there before. However, the service was meh and the food wasn't that tasty...even the smoothie I ordered was kind of bland. Well, now I know not to go there again.

I hope you guys enjoyed your Easter!

18 April 2014

Just Pampered [& A Little Update]

I'm back in Kent for a week and a half as it's Easter break and I'm excited to spend time with friends and family I haven't seen in a long time. I've also forgotten about how wonderful the lighting at home is - it makes me want to take photos of everything.

Woke up this morning afternoon, thinking I would do work for the whole day...However I ended up writing scripts and plans for upcoming videos and also pampered myself a bit.

This M.A.C Lipstick is in the shade 'Brave' and it was a Birthday gift from my dear friend Ellen. It's a perfect everyday shade and I actually went and painted my nails first before taking the photo, haha. I used the Rimmel polish in the shade 161 Teak Rose.
Catching up with YouTube videos and anime, as I paint my nails and nom on White Rabbit sweets (a childhood fave).

Here's the Think Pink Bath Bomb by Lush - a birthday gift from Cherry. There isn't a bathtub at my University accommodation, which made me look even more forward to coming back home.
I used half of the bath bomb and the water turned into a light shade of pink. The bath bomb smells really nice and there were also heart shaped confetti!
After washing my hair, I applied a generous amount of conditioner to the ends of my hair and let it sit there whilst I scrubbed my body with some coffee scrub. After a few more uses of this scrub, I will make a review on it...so keep an eye out!

The little update:
As I have been occupied with education and other 'real life' things that require most my attention, my Blog and Youtube channel haven't been at the top of my priority list. However, both are very important to me still and I really want to create good content for my readers and viewers. I'm sorry for not being able to update more often!

Anyway, I have been exchanging lots of emails with some people lately and I have some exciting things planned for you guys... so do stick around and stay tuned ^-^.

That's all for now, take care and enjoy your Easter/Spring break!

9 April 2014

Birthday Outfit & Get Ready with Me Video

I was rather dressy when I celebrated with my friends, so I chose a more casual outfit for the day of my actual birthday.
[The Get Ready with Me video will be at the end of this blog post]



8 April 2014

Feeling thankful & Birthday VLOG

This isn't a typical blog post about beauty or clothes, but a diary-like entry about the past week. Thanks to my wonderful friends, last week was an extremely happy week. I was able to celebrate my birthday for 4 consecutive days and I received so much love.
[The vlog will be at the end of this post]

My birthday was on Saturday (5th April), and since most people were going to go home/abroad for Easter break, I decided to celebrate my birthday before the actual holiday started. I usually don't do anything big for my birthday, because I feel slightly awkward being in the centre of attention, if you get what I mean? However since I moved out, I've grown closer to old friends and also made new friends...so I really wanted to get everyone together and create new memories. I never expected to receive anything from my friends, as my main aim was to just spend time with them...but some were so lovely to surprise me with gifts, birthday cards and just drown me with love.
Cards from Cherry and Ellen (funny how both of them have a butterfly on it). The three of us became friends through kpop and tumblr...we were once online friends, and now we're friends in real life and these girls are so dear to me. The mini photoframe in the centre was from Ellen...and the polaroid fit! Cherry is on the left and Ellen is on the Right. Our friends like to call us the Power Puff Girls, as the three of us go around as a trio and we (used to) have three different hair colours (black, brown and blonde). I say used to, because I now have brown hair as well :P.
On Wednesday, I spent the late afternoon with friends from my course and we went out to have a meal in Nandos. It was the first time we went out and had a proper meal together. We chatted and joked about whilst eating and I really enjoy getting to know people better. After becoming friends for almost 6 months, we finally took our first photo together as a group :P
These are my closest friends at Uni.
We were very satisfied with the food and two of us could barely move after finishing everything on our plates. Since we weren't in a rush to get back, we decided to take a little walk. The three of them took me to the Guildford Castle and Garden and the view was very nice. The temperature was perfect, there was no wind and the sun wasn't too bright. Not long after that, we got ice cream from Mcdonalds and slowly made our way back home. We didn't stay out till late due to our 9am class the next morning.

Thursday was a long and tiring day, but it was another wonderful day. I only had about 5 hours of sleep but I was in high spirits because I was excited about the evening. After classes finished, I said bye to my course mates, thinking I wouldn't see them again until after Easter. I went back to get ready for the evening and as I was in the middle of changing, one of them sent me a message saying: "Are you busy? We want to see you :D" that immediately made me feel suspicious... 20 minutes later, they arrived at the front of my house and as I opened the door for them, they started singing happy birthday to me (really loudly) and I couldn't help but hide my face because I got all shy, haha. They surprised me with a present and birthday card and we just chatted for a while until I had to leave the house to pick up Ellen from the trainstation. Their sweet gesture had me speechless, because I honestly wasn't expecting anything from them. Just spending time together already makes me happy.
Tofu Steak
Unagi Don (this was delicious)...and, we ordered a lot of food - I just didn't take pictures xD
Around 3:30pm, Ellen arrived at the trainstation and we went to the town to hunt for nude coloured tights. We then got back home to get ready and then went back to the trainstation to get to London (such a trek, I know). When we got to London, it was already 6:30pm and we had to make our way to the restaurant (I booked a table for 7pm). We didn't know how to get their, so we used googlemaps...which lied to us because it made us walk the other way and in a huge circle ¬¬;...I was hoping none of my other friends would get there before us...but damn, 3 of them did...so I felt bad. After all my friends arrived, we ordered food and ate. The service wasn't that good, but since the food was so tasty, everyone was satisfied. I didn't have anything planned for after the meal, so we just went to Boba Jam for dessert afterwards. The evening was fun, because I was able to catch up with friends I don't see often. What made it more special was having Ellen over, because she travelled all the way from up north...just to celebrate my birthday with us. 
We took a tonne of polaroids photos! This is just a few...
Photo with the girls
And...photo with the boys xD
On Friday, my other course mate called Grace took me out for High Tea. She couldn't make it to the meal on Wednesday and she felt bad...so she took me out on Friday instead). Now, I'm not as close with Grace as I am with Ulkar, Billie and Nate - but I've always wanted to get to know her better. The food we had were yummy and we sat there chatting for almost 3 hours (my voice started to disappear, actually xD). Like I mentioned earlier, I love getting to know people better...so the time we spent interacting with each other made me really happy. She actually treated me to this meal...and also got me a present. I feel spoilt by her!
High tea with Grace ~~
On Friday evening, my housemate brought over a double chocolate cake and she baked it and decorated it herself! Ray actually ruined the surprise on Thursday night, thinking I already knew she was going to bake me a cake...tsk.

Saturday was somewhat relaxing. I had the whole morning and part of the afternoon to myself until Ray arrived. He didn't tell me what time he'd get here, but when I went to open the front door for him, he was standing there with a big birthday cake and lit candles. I had to run back into my room to get my camera before I opened the door :P

During the evening, we went to Sushi Nara for dinner and everything was so yummy.
First time having Hot Sake
Dragon Roll
We finished the night off by derping around, eating cake and watching kdrama. Nothing like a lazy day with your fave!

So...those past few days had me feeling kind of emotional...thankful and blessed. Every year I would spend my birthday with at least one family member but this year, everyone was busy and I was away from home. Well - I guess Ray is basically family to me...so I am happy he spent the weekend with me! Anyway, I shall end the long blog post here...have a good week you guys :D



25 March 2014

VLOG: Food Overload

This video contains footage from January to March.

Every time I went out, I didn't record enough clips...so instead of wasting what I had, I combined them and made a vlog focusing on delicious food ~woo~

Watch in HD:

30th January
Ray and I went to meet our friend Sunny.
We ate Japanese food at Sakura and dessert at Boba Jam.

14th February 
It was Valentines Day and the two of us spent most of the day nomming away.
We had lunch at Burger and Lobster, Gelato at Selfridges and huge Pancakes at My Old Dutch

22nd March
Ray took me to the Hayward Gallery to see Martin Creed's exhibition.
We had dinner at The Diner.

24th March
The two of us were going to see the screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier around 6pm, so we went to eat at Kingston with two other friends.
After eating brunch at La Fiesta, we had Waffles with Ice-cream at the Ice-cream palour called Creams.

Hayward Gallery - Martin Creed: 'What's the point of it?'

After being cooped up in my University dorm for a month, Ray took me to Martin Creed's exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. 
(Main text comes after all the images)

Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road

The ticket prices can be found on their website:
In the Balloon room...and my hair went kinda cray-cray of course.
Once we entered the gallery, we were greeted by a humongous LED light shown in the image over. Below the letter 'S' is the entrance and if you're taller than 6'3, you should really mind your head. 

The 'Balloon room' is the highlight of the exhibition and we had to queue for approximately 45 minutes for our turn.
Trying to take a photo together whilst being hit at the back of our heads by balloons

I don't know why I look so angry in this photo! It was really windy when we were outside.

I don't go to exhibitions/galleries often, so it was nice to do something different for a change. The art displayed in this exhibition really made me question the artist and his creativity...why? Because the pieces were so simple, it made me keep saying "even a five year old can do this." However, the main theme of the exhibition is 'What's the point of it?' so I suppose the aim was to make us question the art. There was an outdoor area with adult material. The 'art' is on a huge screen, placed outside and you have to go upstairs, through two sets of doors in order to see it. The piece contains adult material...and what we saw was very surprising (and somewhat funny). Honestly, I wasn't very impressed with some of the things within the exhibition, but what made it a fun experience was the balloon room...and I was accompanied by Ray. Although we had to queue 45 minutes and I left with hair tangled and sticking upwards...it was awesome! It's literally a big room filled with tonnes of white balloons and the staff let about 15 people in at a time. Our tickets were £7.50 each, which isn't cheap since there's actually not much to see...the only thing I enjoyed was the quality time I spent with Ray and the balloon room. Would I recommend anyone else to go to this exhibition? Well, it really depends. If you want to experience being in a room filled with balloons - go ahead...but if you're interested in art, I don't think this is the exhibition for you.

I recorded a few clips whilst I was in the balloon room and you can watch them in my latest vlog!